About the Society

The International Hoccleve Society is devoted to promoting scholarship on the late-medieval poet Thomas Hoccleve, provoking innovative research into the poet, and providing a community for Hoccleve scholars.

The Society was formed at Kalamazoo 2011, and its current organizational committee comprises the following members and roles:

Director: Elon Lang, University of Texas at Austin

Asst. Director: David Watt, University of Manitoba

Kalamazoo Organizer: Meredith Clermont-Ferrand, Eastern Connecticut State University

Webmaster: Robin Wharton, Georgia State University

Bibliographer: Danielle Bradley, Rutgers University

Social Media Editors: Helen Hickey, University of Melbourne (Twitter); Elon Lang, University of Texas at Austin (Facebook)

Newsletter Editor: Helen Hickey, University of Melbourne

Special Projects Coordinator: Aditi Nafde, Oxford University

Adviser(s): Sebastian Langdell, Oxford University

The society has sponsored five sessions at the ICMS in Kalamazoo. The most recent was “Touching Hoccleve,” at ICMS 2016. We also publish an annual newsletter, continue to improve the Hoccleve Bibliography, and we provide support for the Hoccleve Archive, an online critical edition and digital tool for the study of Hoccleve’s Regiment of Princes. For the past two years, IHS has also promoted an annual “Hoccleve Recovery Day,” on 1 November via social media.

You can find the Society’s constitution here (PDF will open in Google Drive). For more information on membership and the society’s goals, projects, and activities, or to join our mailing list please email hocclevesociety[at]gmail[dot]com.

Affiliated Projects

The Hoccleve Archive Project, Elon Lang, General Editor (Contact: emlang@austin.utexas.edu )

Late Medieval English Scribes Project

The Hoccleve Society’s logo was designed by Elizabeth Kempf.


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