Editor: Danielle Bradley, Rutgers University

Welcome! The Hoccleve Bibliography is a work in progress.

The International Hoccleve Society is pleased to make version 1.0 of the Hoccleve Bibliography available via Zotero. At present, the bibliography comprises 224 entries for scholarly essays and monographs related to the life and work of Thomas Hoccleve. Under the editorial direction of Danielle Bradley, with previous editorial supervision and contributions from Helen Killick, IHS members are working to organize and annotate the existing entries. When this next phase of curation is complete, the full bibliography will be made available here on this site, and we will continue to collect and maintain bibliographic data using Zotero to ensure the bibliography remains as current and comprehensive as possible.

You can view the Hoccleve Bibliography in its current state HERE.

We are looking for contributions and contributors to the bibliography. If you know of an essay or monograph that should be included in the bibliography and is not yet listed, or if you’d like to submit or update an annotation for an existing entry, please complete the form below:

While they are not required for new entry submissions, including a brief annotation, suggested category or subject tags (e.g., “form, eels, memory, heresy”), and a link to the full text if it is freely available online will help us as we revise and organize the bibliography. Similarly, if you are submitting information related to an existing entry, please provide as much information as possible.

If you would like to participate in this project as a more regular contributor–providing ongoing assistance with updates, annotations, and research–please send an email briefly stating your interest and qualifications to Substantial and regular contributors will be credited on this site, and on the Zotero group landing page.

Invited regular contributors will need to create a Zotero account if they do not already have one so they can be added to the Hoccleve Bibliography Zotero group. For invited contributors who are new to Zotero, members of the bibliography editorial team can provide assistance, and help getting started with Zotero is often available through your local or institutional library. The Zotero project site also provides comprehensive help documentation and user support forums.

Creative Commons License
All original content (annotations, notes, etc.) contributed to the Hoccleve Bibliography is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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