“Take Anothir Forme” at Kalamazoo 2013

Please join us for our second sponsored session at Kalamazoo

“Take Anothir Forme”: The Selection of Forms in Thomas Hoccleve’s Work

3:30pm, Thursday, May 9, 2013

Schneider 1345

Organizer and Presider: David Watt (Univ. of Manitoba)


A. C. Spearing, Univ. of Virginia — Hoccleve and the Form of the Prologue

Robin Wharton, Georgia Institute of Technology — Hoccleve’s Poetics of Heresy and Sovereignty in the Regiment of Princes

Amy Anderson, Univ. of Kentucky — “The Substaunce of My Memorie”: Memorial Forms in Thomas Hoccleve’s “My Compleinte” and “La Male Regle”

Helen Maree Hickey, Univ. of Melbourne — Hoccleve’s Formulary: Parchment Poetics, Literary Allusions


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