3rd Annual Hoccleve Recovery Day on Social Media

As we have done for the last couple years the International Hoccleve Society is very pleased to be sponsoring the 3rd Annual Hoccleve Recovery Day, this November 1 on social media. We are excited to welcome you and your students to participate by posting something related to our theme (and perhaps to Hoccleve) with the hashtag #Hoccleve at least once on a major social media site like Facebook or Twitter that day. The theme this year is “What are the things we recover?” Our full call is below the line. We really hope you will participate and we look forward to seeing what you’ll post!

The International Hoccleve Society Sponsors the 3rd Annual Hoccleve Recovery Day: “What are the things we recover?”

What are the things that we recover in our working and private lives? To what must we return in order to know ourselves? What things must we wait for–patiently, virtuously–to come back to us? Just as Thomas Hoccleve signals his recovery of mental health in his “Complaint” (lines 50-56) by describing how his memory “went to pleye as for a certayne space” but then “the lorde of vertew…made it to returne..at Alle Hallowmesse” we invite you to join us on All Hallows Day (November 1st) to reflect on ideas of recovery and return that inform our lives as medievalists.

The International Hoccleve Society invites you to join us in our social media communities on 1 November 2016 to celebrate Hoccleve’s recovery of his work community, his mental faculties, his routines as an urban office worker and family man, etc. by exploring what you “recover” in your work and other daily activities. What do you return to regularly and what returns to you to guide, animate, and energize your life and habits as a medievalist? What have you recovered recently in your readings, research, internet surfing, filing, or remembering that has made you think about your medieval interests (professional or recreational) and their place in the world?

We invite you to post a short passage of verse or criticism, an image of places, manuscripts, printed books, or people, and/or a brief note reflecting on why certain items or ideas have been or ought to be recovered in our attention. Please identify your posts and tweets on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, LinkedIn and our Website with the hashtag #Hoccleve, and feel free to “like” or “retweet” thematically pertinent items throughout the day under this hashtag. You may also attach other tags (#recovery, #thisiswhataprofessorlookslike, #MiddleEnglish, #MSilluminations, etc.) after #Hoccleve. We will kick off the event with posts on our Society and Hoccleve Lyfe Coache, Twitter and Facebook feeds. So please follow us and like us to stay tuned!



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