4th Annual Hoccleve Recovery Day on Social Media

As we have done for the last three years the International Hoccleve Society is very pleased to be sponsoring the 4th Annual Hoccleve Recovery Day, this November 1 on social media. We are excited to welcome you and your students to participate by posting something related to our theme (and perhaps to Hoccleve) with the hashtag #Hoccleve at least once on a major social media site like Facebook or Twitter that day. The theme this year is “Recovery and Activism” Our full call is below the line. We really hope you will participate and we look forward to seeing what you’ll post!

The International Hoccleve Society Sponsors the 4th Annual Hoccleve Recovery Day: Recovery and Activism

Politics has a tendency to be maddening, and in recent months such a connection has been distressingly literal. Public discourse is increasingly accepting and understanding of mental illness and its treatment, but at the same time the availability of services and treatments is under attack by federal budget proposals. The Hoccleve Society would like to use this year’s annual Recovery Day to view mental and other personal health initiatives through the lens of expressions of distress and recovery and their context in our politicized world.

Thomas Hoccleve situated his melancholic desolation in his “Complaint” within the context of a bustling urban environment that metonymically expressed the constraints of national politics: the “prees” of London and Westminster crowds oppressed and turned on him an overwhelming and maddening “straunge countinaunce,” reflective of the alienating and repressive cultural policies of the Lancastrian kings. Scholars argue that Hoccleve’s poems were political expressions, perhaps of complicity but more likely of resistance and a struggle for identity and purpose.

At a time when American and global politics seem to be entering a new era of repression, socially we are also entering a phase of resistance that refuses to bow to mistruths and injustice. Just as Hoccleve sought truth through writing and self-expression, we invite you to share social media posts—which might include quotations from Hoccleve or other medieval writers—about your own processes of coming to terms with and reordering a disordered world. How do you envision members of a global community using activism and self-assertion in a fight for rights and humanity, harnessing together personal and political recovery?

On 1 November 2017, post your thoughts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and our society’s website with the hashtag #Hoccleve. Look out for our own posts on our site and our Hoccleve Lyfe Coache, Twitter and Facebook feeds; and “like” or retweet thematically pertinent items throughout the day under the #Hoccleve hashtag followed by any other tags you’d like, such as #recovery, #thisiswhataprofessorlookslike, #MiddleEnglish, or #MSilluminations. Please follow us, participate, and “like” us to stay tuned! We will be compiling posts tagged with our #Hoccleve hashtag into a Storify page after the day for us all to use as resource and touchstone in the coming weeks and months.


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