A new Hoccleve translation!

Someone knocked very hard at my chamber door
And shouted loudly, ‘Hey, Hoccleve! Are you here?
Open your door! I think it’s been a really long time
Since I saw you last. Listen, my friend, for God’s sake,
Come out, for I haven’t seen you this last three months
As far as I know,’ and so I came out to see him…

Dr. Jenni Nuttall continues her translation of Hoccleve’s Series into modern English with a verse translation of its second constituent part, the “Dialogue,” now freely available here. You can view other open-access texts and translations on the Texts page of this website.

If you use these resources in your teaching or research, we’d love to hear about it! You can contact the IHS at hocclevesociety@gmail.com or directly reach out to our organizers.


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