Hoccleve at Home, 2021-22

It gives us great delight to announce the schedule of “Hoccleve at Home” events for the upcoming academic year. Please mark your calendars, and we are excited to have such an excellent lineup of speakers!

For announcements about video links and other information, please email hocclevesociety@gmail.com, and we can put you on the “Hoccleve at Home” mailing list. We also welcome proposals for future “Hoccleve at Home” events at the same address. We look forward to seeing you online soon!

Fall 2021

  • October 11, 1 PM Central Time (North America): Nicholas Perkins (Oxford Univ.) and Ethan Knapp (Ohio State Univ.), in dialogue on the evolution of Hoccleve scholarship, on the 20th anniversary of their respective Hoccleve monographs, moderated by Sebastian Langdell
  • November 1, 1 PM CT: Amy Appleford (Boston Univ.) and Christopher Baswell (Columbia Univ. and Barnard Coll.), in dialogue on Hoccleve and disability studies, moderated by Ruen-chuan Ma
  • December 13, 1 PM CT: Laurie Atkinson (Durham Univ.), “Hoccleve’s Nearly-Dream Poem, The Regiment of Princes, 1-2016,” moderated by Ruen-chuan Ma

Spring 2022

  • February 22, 1 PM CT: Philip Knox (Cambridge Univ.), “Debating the Romance of the Rose across the Channel: Thomas Hoccleve and Christine de Pizan,” moderated by Sebastian Langdell
  • March 22, 1 PM CT: Sonja Drimmer (Univ. Massachusetts, Amherst), Jonathan Hsy (George Washington Univ.), Bridget Whearty (Binghamton Univ.-SUNY), a roundtable discussion in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the Burrow-Doyle facsimile, moderated by Sebastian Langdell
  • May 24, 1 PM CT: Graduate student session featuring Clint Morrison (Ohio State) and Jake Hertz (Boston U)

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